Fresno Memorial Gardens Needs Volunteers To Raise Flags

Every year in May Fresno Memorial Gardens is one of many{}Valley cemeteries that takes on a big undertaking. It needs an army of volunteers to get 1400 flags flapping in the wind for its{}Memorial Day service.{}The cemetery started its Avenue of Flags back in 1985.{} Since that time it has grown from 35 flags to 1400.{} Leanne Torrey donated her Dad's flag that once draped over his casket.{} She's been helping to set up the cemetery on Memorial Day for the past eight years.{} She is usually one of about 75 volunteers who arrive at the cemetery Monday morning at seven sharp.{}{}By ten o'clock the place is decked out in red, white and blue.Brian Copner of Fresno Memorial Gardens says they couldn't get it done without volunteers.{} "Frankly a lot of the volunteers have been here so many years they know the cadence of things and they lead us as well.{} It's a{}nice coordinated effort and we get it done." Copner says every flag is donated to honor a person buried at Fresno Memorial Gardens.If you want to{}help Copner encourages you to show up by 7:00 a.m. Monday morning.{} No experience is necessary.{}