Fresno Man Calls 911 Four Times And Waits 19-Minutes For Police

A Fresno man says he made four calls to 911 and waited almost twenty minutes before help arrived when a bad guy broke into his house.

"Part of me was thinking I don't know if they're coming at all," says Chance James, "Part of me is wondering what's taking so long and then I was thinking, I might die in this situation."

On Saturday afternoon Chance James was working in his garage when a random guy walked in and wouldn't leave. So, James called 911.

"I managed to get him away from me and I got into the house and locked the door," adds James, "I called the police again, and told them he was trying to get into the house, and he was pulling on the door."

James says the guy left the garage and went into the backyard. He kept trying to find an unlocked door. As the guy walked around the house, James called 911 for the third time.

"He sees me inside, and starts screaming, and yelling," says James, "Then he jumps through the sliding glass door and into our bedroom."

James pinned the guy and held him down as he called 911 again.

"I didn't know if he was armed, I didn't know what he was capable of at that point," says James.

After the fourth 911 call a Police Officer finally showed up and arrested the bad guy.

Fresno police say that James' timeline is correct and it did take nineteen minutes after his first 911 call for an Officer to arrive at his home.

In a statement Fresno Police say, "The call initially came in as a priority "1" due to being non-life threatening (trespasser in an opened garage). A total of 4 calls came in and it was upgraded to a "zero" once it became possibly life threatening. The RP didn't sound in a panicked state, sounded pretty calm and also didn't sound like he was pissed off. The call did not involve a "home invasion", it was more a trespasser call at first and then escalated by the suspect then pushing up against the RP's back sliding glass door and shattering it. The dispatcher appeared to have done what they are trained to do; take all pertinent information at the time and place it in a priority, upgrade it as more information comes in."

Once the police officer was finally dispatched he made it to the home in two and half minutes.

The man who broke into the home is on parole and is facing vandalism charges.