Fresno Love Story: A Couple Who Spent Life Together, Die One Day Apart

Lou and Marjorie Cochran spent a lifetime together.

For 67 years, the Fresno couple remained steadfast in their dedication to one another.

After Lou died on March 1 from complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Marjorie died just 27 hours later.

"My mother was very patient with my father," said Mickey Cochran, Lou and Marjorie's only son. "They came from the old school where marriage was for life."

Lou was a pilot in World War II who trained at Fresno's Hammer Field. He flew 46 missions in the South Pacific in the Army Air Corps and earned two purple hearts, five air medals and two distinguished flying crosses along the way.

Marjorie, her son said, was the creative person in the family. Mickey said that she loved to paint and art taught courses in Fresno.

In the final months of their lives, Marjorie and Lou dealt with health problems.

"It was about 27 hours -- the time difference -- when my father passed and my mother passed," Mickey said. "It's almost like they had, we feel, maybe they had an agreement."