Fresno Kidnapping Posts On Facebook - Police Say: 'Not True'

It's been hot on social media for days. People claiming they know of women getting kidnapped near a popular Fresno health club. According to Facebook posts, one person claims she knows an FBI agent who says women are getting sold as sex slaves. Another person posts, she knows a police officer who says several women have been kidnapped. The post claims men are abducting women outside GB3 on Palm and Nees, following them to their homes and kidnapping them. It seems far-fetched, but after last week's story of a woman who was followed to her northwest Fresno home and nearly kidnapped by a masked man holding a gun. It got some women thinking. But Fresno police top brass say it's all a lie. Yes, officers are investigating an attempted kidnapping. But detectives say that was an isolated incident, and there are no trends taking place in Fresno. GB3 Manager, Sherene Boni says, "We've not had any issues here we have a security guard on premise the whole time that the gym is open." Women say they are relieved to find out the posts are not true, but will still keep their guard up. Gym member Barb Gillon says, "I think it's ridiculous there are so many things that are put on Facebook not true. Then you go to snoops and find out it's not true. I think it's really bad when somebody does this." By the way, Fresno police still need the public's help to solve the attempted kidnapping in northwest Fresno. Anyone with information about that case is urged to call Crimestoppers at (559) 498-STOP that's (559) 498-7867.