Fresno Jewelry Store Employee Tied Up During Robbery

A woman who works at a Fresno jewelry store was tied up during a robbery on Friday. The break-in happened at "Don Roberto's" in Central Fresno.

Fresno Police say the robbery occurred as an employee opened the store. Officers say 2 men wearing bandanas over their faces walked through the front door and tied a woman up.

KMPH spoke with people who work at the store and they tell us that the guys broke the glass of one jewelry case and stole about 10% of the jewelry inside the case.

There were people around when the robbery happened. The owner of a neighboring business says she the guys hanging around the parking lot.

"I feel like he is going to come into my business, but 10-minutes later he just came and went in the jewelry store and then he was just gone," says neighboring business owner Amparo Gutierrez.

Police say a security guard also saw the two men running and get into a car. The security guard followed the men, but lost them in traffic. The woman who was tied up is okay.