Fresno Home Destroyed in Early Morning Fire

A Fresno man and his roommates are now looking for new place to live after an early-morning fire on Friday.

Firefighters were called to the area of Feland and Weldon around 1:00 a.m.

The one-acre property has a main home, and at least nine trailers on the property.

"We were watching a movie, and we heard a roommate screaming from the back of the house," says Ron Freeman, one of the homeowners. "He fell asleep with a candle, and it caught fire."

Freeman says he and the other roommates tried to put out the fire while firefighters arrived.

But they soon ran into problems.

Once the fire reached the electrical system, they lost water pressure. The water pump no longer worked, and they waited for firefighters to arrive.

"There was heavy fire damage by the time we arrived," said Fresno Fire Battalion Chief Jonathan Chew.

Firefighters soon learned they were battling more than just flames.

The men had as many ten dogs.

"I almost got bit by a dog on the way in," says Chew.

Freeman says he and his roommates tried to get back into the home to rescue their dogs. "I had to go in and get my dogs," said Freeman. "They were afraid and ran back in, the door was open."

But Chew says the men were in the way. Eventually, Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies were called to help control the men. He added, "The resident was a hoarder, so we encountered some difficulties accessing the fire."

Chew says it took firefighters about 30 to 40 minutes to get the fire under control.

Freeman says it felt a lot longer.

"I feel cheated," he says. "Firefighters are some of the most stand-up guys out there."

Firefighters say they had an initial report of someone burned, but the person was treated at the scene and released.

There is still no estimate on the amount of damage to the home.

The Red Cross is helping the victims of this fire.