Fresno Grandmother Arrested After 2-Year Old Grandson Almost Drowns

A Fresno grandmother is behind bars. Sheriff's deputies say she wasn't watching her 2-year-old grandson when he fell into a fountain in the front yard of a home and almost drowned.

Investigators say Chou Vang let the boy play in the yard alone with a 4-year. Vang was supposed to be babysitting, but according to investigators no adults were watching the kids for at least 30 minutes. Deputies say the 4-year old ran to tell the grandmother that something was wrong. She was found the 2-year old boy in the fountain. A family member performed CPR before emergency crews rushed him to the hospital.

Vang faces one charge of child endangerment. She is in the Fresno County Jail. Her grandson is on life support at Children's Hospital of Central California.