Fresno Firefighters Hand Deliver Wedding Cake And Flowers

Three Fresno firefighters helped save the big day for a Valley couple, as they hand delivered a wedding cake and flowers.It all started with a 911 call on Sunday afternoon.The woman having the emergency was Laura Zabicki, the owner of Sweet Dreams Cakes & Flowers.Zabicki says she was on her way to a wedding reception at the Fresno County Sportsman Club when she started having chest pains.Zabicki pulled her car over and called for help."She mentioned to me, I'm totally stressed I'm supposed to be at a wedding. It starts in like 15-minutes and I have the wedding cake and flowers" said Fresno Fire Captain Domlin Juul.Not knowing what else to do, Zabicki says she pleaded with the firefighters to make the delivery while she was rushed to the hospital.Initially surprised by the request, the firemen jumped behind the wheel and went above and beyond the call of duty. "It's unusual, but hey, we got to do it. We got to help her out. It will help her condition and potentially save somebody's big day," said Captain Juul.The firefighters arrived with the special delivery just minutes before the ceremony, but the engines and firefighter gear initial threw guests off. "The parking lot was full and people just looked shocked. 'No this can't be, there is a fire engine at our wedding'," said Juul.But it turned out these Firemen were there to save the day and the party... making for a happy ending after all.