Fresno Firefighters Drench Gibson Students On Play Day

Fresno's Gibson Elementary School rewards its students each year with a water play day.

This year, Gibson took it to the next level by bringing in a fire truck.

Normally on Knight Pride Water Day, there are several water slides for the kids to enjoy. But Fire Station No. 2 surprised the kids and drove onto campus loaded with water.

Firefighters fired up the truck and gave the kids a good drenching.

Every where the stream of water went, the students followed.

Fourth grader Chloe Cooper had a blast.

"I think this is one of the funnest days of school except for the last day," Cooper said.

Firefighters dumped 3,000 gallons of water on the kids and the playground.

Helen Cabe, the school's principal, said water play day is something the kids remember for a long time.

"These are the days that mark their year I think more than any other thing these activities where they can just go out and have some fun,"Cabe said.

Every month students are rewarded for making good choices and demonstrating character.