Fresno Fencer Inspired By Star Wars

Inspiration to try something new can come from just about anywhere, or anything. For Fresno 10-year-old Donavyn Martinez, a favorite movie franchise and the power of "the force" led him to fencing.{}Martinez became a Star Wars nut the moment his dad introduced him to the original movies, at four years old. He especially enjoyed the elegant laser swords, called lightsabers. He says, "I just thought it was cool how there's actually something...instead of just having something sharp, you actually needed skill to use it."Shortly after Martinez's dad bought him some toy lightsabers, someone suggested the kid try fencing. Five years later, Martinez is the top ranked 10-year-old fencer in Northern California. At matches, he pictures himself as a young Luke Skywalker, while thinking like a Jedi Master."Patience. That's the biggest key. If you rush in and fight with anger, you're always going to lose.{}My strategy is find their weakest point and destroy them from there," says Martinez.The next empire he hopes to conquer is USA Fencing Summer Nationals, a camp in Columbus, Ohio. To pay for the trip, he's asking for donations at{}