Fresno Elementary Students Rock The Halls During Recess

Many students at Pyle Elementary School in Fresno like to pick guitars during recess and rock the hallways.{}{}{}Vice-Principal Rob Roellke is the creative genius behind playing guitars at recess at Pyle Elementary.{} He put{}out a call to the community for guitars.{} They now have a dozen guitars but when they arrived on campus many were in sad shape.{} "Most of them needed repair so I went on the Internet and figured out{}how to repair them and fix them{}up and now we've got quite a few."{} Right now there is no budget for the guitar break group, which means there is no instructor.{} There is a DVD that provides the basics.{} Ernie Gonzales likes to strum during recess. "I like playing it and I like hearing the sounds about it." The guitars are available to every{}student during the morning break.{} Most of the guitar pickers are regulars.{} " A lot of the kids will give up their recess to actually come over and do that.{} Some of the kids would rather do that because they don't feel comfortable doing something else on the playground."Lilly Medina enjoys playing during recess.{} "I get to play all the time and I get to learn more how to play the guitar."These kids aren't ready to perform on stage but they do like making music in the hallways.{}{}Vice-Principal Rob Roellke is always hoping for more guitars and budget money to hire an instructor.If you would like to donate a guitar you can drop it by Pyle Elementary during regular business hours.{} Pyle Elementary is located at 4140 N. Augusta in Fresno.{}