Shots Fired At Fresno County Deputies Near Selma

A Fresno County Sheriff Deputy shot a man armed with a shotgun, who deputies say was attempting to kidnap two women.

Deputies say they responded to a call from a woman around 11 Monday morning, at a home in the 8400 block of East Nebraska Avenue near Selma.

Deputies say they heard a commotion coming from behind a metal barn. When deputies turned the corner, they found 32-year-old Oscar Alvarez armed with a shotgun ordering two women into a car.

Sheriff's spokesperson Chris Curtice said deputies ordered the man to put the weapon down. It was at the time, the women ran away but he then turned the shotgun toward deputies.

Curtis says one deputy fired one shot, striking the man in his torso.

The women and the deputies were not hurt.

Deputy Chris Curtis says, "Every law enforcement officer trains for this, you hope you never have to use your weapon but sometimes it just comes to that. But repetitive training you hopes to respond accordingly when someone points a gun at you."

Parts of Nebraska Avenue were shutdown after the shooting.

The deputy involved was placed on administrative leave.