Fresno County Releases Flu Clinic Schedule

Flu season is once again upon us, and the Fresno County Department of Public Health is getting the word out about upcoming flu vaccination clinics.

The clinics will be offered in both rural and urban areas throughout the county to ages 6 months and up.

County officials urge people to get their seasonal shot in order to protect themselves{}from{}virus strains which typically circulate in the hemisphere from October through March.

However officials caution that this flu shot does NOT protect from the H1N1 virus. That flu will require a separate shot, with vaccine shipments expected later this year.

Health officials say{}the following populations should receive the{}seasonal flu vaccination:

  • All children aged 6 months to 18 years;
  • Women who are pregnant during the flu season;
  • Persons aged 50 years or older;
  • Persons of any age with chronic medical conditions;
  • Household contacts and caregivers of:
    -{}children from birth up to 5 years of age
    - persons 50 years of age and older
    - persons with medical conditions that put them at higher risk for complications
  • Health-care personnel
You can find more information on the the seasonal flu by calling the Influenza Information Line at 1-888-993-3003 or by visiting the Department's website at {A href=""} .

{A href="" target=_blank}Click here to check out a calendar of flu vaccination clinics.

You can find more information on the H1N1 virus on {A href="" target=_blank}'s H1N1 page by clicking here.