Fresno Co. Corrections Officers Want To Get Rid Of Union

Fresno County Corrections Officers have been trying to get rid of their union for 2-years. {}The corrections officers say the Services Employees International Union or "SEIU" is too political and doesn't have its members best interest at heart.

{}Now, the corrections officers say the SEIU is going to door to door trying to convince union members not to leave it.

"We want them just to concentrate on employees, wage benefits, and to get away from the politics," says Eulalio Gomez.

Gomez and other corrections officers started the "Fresno County Public Safety Association" 2 years ago to get rid of the SEIU.

"It's always a conflict, it's always a grievance, it's always a fight," adds Gomez, "We're tired of that and ultimately the employees pay for that type of politics."

KMPH called the SEIU and they sent us this statement..."All of our decisions are made by our membership and we are a democratically run organization. Did you ask your source about who is going to run the union he's trying to start and how decisions will be made?"

This issue will be resolved soon. The association would like a vote to get rid of the union in mid-November. If the union is tossed out then the association will take over.