Fresno Church Trailer Stolen: Pastor Prays For A Miracle

A Fresno Pastor is hoping thieves will have a conscience and return 8-thousand dollars in stolen goods taken late Wednesday night in northeast Fresno.{} The trailer is owned by The{}Mid-Valley Southern Baptist Association.{} The group loans{}the trailer to church groups having{}community events.{} A local Pastor parked the trailer in his front yard.{} Sometime late Wednesday night thieves unhooked the trailer and hauled it away.{} It was recovered on Thursday but everything inside the trailer was stolen.{} It was packed to the brim with two bounce houses, popcorn and snow cone machines, chairs, tables, sound system and a lot more.{} Pastor Tom Sims values all the equipment at $8,000.{} He adds that no one in Fresno is exempt when it comes to crime.{} "No, no, no and I have a long history of being robbed at my church, but I didn't expect this at our association.{} We're not untouchable.{} We're part of the same community everybody else lives in."Seven churches were hoping to use what the association calls, "a block party in a box" at gatherings over the next two months.{} Pastor Sims is hoping the thief will have a change of heart.{} "Bring it back!{} We can use it better than you.{} Have somebody call me from a phone with no tracing on it.{} Tell me where it's gonna be and we'll come get it."Pastor Sims says the trailer is insured but local churches need the party box now.