Fresno Carjack Victims Are Reunited With SUV

A happy ending to a Tuesday carjacking in{}Fresno's Tower District. The owner of the SUV now has his lifeline back. David Carr needs his car to get to medical appointments.

He's nearly blind due to diabetes and needs dialysis three times a week. Tuesday his world was turned upside down when his vehicle was carjacked from his{}home. Two days later it's back in the driveway.

The green Suzuki{}SUV is back home again after being carjacked from their front yard. It was easy pickings Tuesday because the engine was running while Carr went inside to help his wife bring out their baby.

The tow truck driver offered some parting advice. "Next time keep the keys in your pocket." Carr replied, "Yeah I'm not leaving the car."

The thief didn't take the couple's car very far. Fresno police found it a few blocks away. "It feels a lot better to see my car sitting in my yard. It feels a lot better. I'm very grateful."

Carr is also grateful for the number of caring people who offered to drive him to his dialysis appointments after seeing our story on the Ten O'clock News. "It almost brought me to tears last night. I kept on getting calls from people; even old friends who saw me on the news and were willing to help. It's an amazing feeling."

What this family never expected was to see a 366 dollar bill for towing and impound. The crook also walked away with the keys to the car. "Probably getting the locks redone and the new ignition it's probably gonna be another 200 dollars."

So the SUV won't move until David and Kami find the money to take care of that job. David is happy to have his vehicle back but he's not back on easy street just yet.