Fresno Car Thieves Steal Cars Left Running Unattended

A few Fresno car owners learned the hard way about the dangers of warming up a vehicle unattended. {}{}Extra Fresno police officers were out combing the town on a very chilly Thursday morning. {}

They spotted a number of cars and trucks warming up without a person inside.{}{}They found an older model car and then a pickup purring with no one inside.{} Then came the first stolen car report of the morning.{} Sgt. Mark Hudson took the call. "Apparently she went out to warm her car up, left the vehicle unattended. {} She comes back out and finds her vehicle is gone."

Within minutes Sgt. Hudson met face to face with the two people who heard their car drive off as they sat in their apartment.{} "It has a loud muffler so we can hear something. {} Somebody is in there already. {}{} We ran out there the next thing you know the car is gone. {} We run after it but it was just too fast."

Police{}officers then returned to{}a southeast Fresno neighborhood to sound the warning.{}{}"We're out making sure that people are aware and your mom's doing a good job, not to leave their cars warming up by themselves."

For the next few chilly mornings Fresno Police will roll, up and down residential streets handing out reminders that car thieves work quickly, even when it's cold.{}{}{}

Fresno police say it's a preventable crime.{} If you want comfort on your way to work they recommend you stand by your car while it warms up.

In the past two weeks five cars left running have been stolen in Fresno.{}