Fresno Cancer Patient On A Roll: Stolen Bike Replaced

A cancer patient who had his bike stolen while he was getting a medical checkup is back on two wheels again.{} Andrew Newsome rely's on a bike to get around town.{} Last week it was taken at the C-Care Center in northeast Fresno.{} "I was like okay my bike is gone.{} Well bad luck today.{} So I started walking and I got to Tahoe Joe's.{} Something in my mind said why don't you just go back and report it.{} You ain't got nothing to lose.

Newsome told his C-Care patient service representative Heather Doscalik.{} After realizing that a bike is Newsome's only mode of transportation she was heart broken.{} So she put out a plea on Facebook to see if she could find a replacement bike.{}

Mike Brandon with Mike's Community Bike Rescue didn't take long to respond.{} "I was pretty outraged.{} I said we'll get on it.{} Within a week we built a bike."{} Friday morning{}Brandon presented the bike to Newsome.{} "I'm happy to have another bike now.{} I didn't{}expect it.{} It's something I didn't expect.{} It's really something exciting for me."

Brandon has given away many bikes to people in need.{} To him, it never gets old. "Still about to cry right now truthfully.{} Yeah I'm really happy.{} the smile on their face when you give the bike."

Mike's Community Bike Rescue is always in need of bikes, parts and donations.{} For more information contact Mike Brandon at (559) 476-0786.{}