Fresno Bus Driver Pepper Sprays Disgruntled Passenger

Don't mess with a city of Fresno bus driver, especially if he or she is armed with mace.

On Friday, a bus driver told a rider to get off the bus because he didn't have money to pay for the ride, and that's where the real trouble started.

"He came right back around to the front of the bus banging his fists together angry and agitated, and he charged the bus driver," Fresno Police Lt. Burke Farrah said.

So the driver pepper sprayed him, but the passenger still didn't stop.

"He was so angry and so furious that he took his fist and smashed the front window of the bus," Farrah said.

The man tried to get bus fare from other riders, but it didn't work.

Crews took him to a mental care facility, and he's looking at assault and vandalism charges.