Fresno Boy's Wish Fulfilled: A Clean Room!

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is known for making the dreams come true for children diagnosed with life-threatening conditions.Sometimes, it's a trip to Disneyland, or meeting a celebrity.But five-year-old Bennett Jones of Fresno wanted something basic, sort of."He came up to us and said he wanted three wishes, we were like, "oh, what is he going to wish for!?!" says Roni Valle, the Wish Director for the Central California Make-A-Wish Foundation.He asked for a trip to Legoland.He also wanted a place where his feet could touch the sand.Those two were easy, Valle says. The group combined the two experiences with a trip to San Diego.But the third wish, caught Valle by surprise."The cleaning the room intrigued me. Its something every kid wants," she says.You read that right: he wanted someone to clean his room.It's littered with action figures, stuffed animals and books.Bennett joked, "I can't clean my room by myself. It's really hard."Bennett has been battling optic nerve cancer, which is threatening his vision."He's been through chemo over a year, and just finished at end of November," says his mother, Jesica Jones.But looking at him, you'd never know it.During Friday's presentation, he was jumping on furniture!"He's had such a good outlook on life and has been happy through all of it," says Jesica Jones.{} "We always told him to clean his room... he thinks it's such a tough job. I thought it was funny, didn't know he was going to say that.Valle was able to make Bennett's third wish come true after connecting with Merry Maids of Fresno.Volunteers showed up with mops and buckets, ready to clean.They didn't just tackle Bennett's room, but his family's entire house!"It's an amazing feeling to have people give him this, with everything he's been through," says Jesica Jones.As the cleaners moved throughout the home, one man stood in the back, with a smile.Bayani Duque helped to sponsor Bennett's wish.He called it a great investment."It's our enjoyment to see how he was reacting at this presentation," says Duque. "It's a real good Christmas for us. A real present!"Valle says that last year, the local Make-A-Wish Federation made 108 dreams come true. This year, it's on track to fulfill 120 wishes.