Fresno Army Based Group Ready To Deploy To Afghanistan

An elite Fresno based Army Aviation Maintenance Group will soon make tracks for Afghanistan. Saturday with family looking on the Army held an official send off ceremony.

Operation Enduring Freedom continues in the middle east.{} Saturday the President called on nearly 100 solider's from the California Army National Guard to get ready to head to the war zone. {} For first Lt. Nathan Brooks, this is his first tour of duty.{}{}"Of course I'm nervous. {} I'd be lying if{}I said{}I wasn't but it's a fear that takes in consideration the seriousness of the situation we're going to do."

The 1106th specializes in the repair of aviation systems and the classification and repair of aircraft parts.{}{}{}Col. Miles Williams says{}soldier plays an important role during lean budget times.{} "Aviation as a force multiplies extremely expensive and every dollar in parts and equipment we recover and return to the U.S. Is one more that can be efficiently and effectively used elsewhere within our government."

Many family members of the soldiers were there in support. {} Terralee Castillo says there's no way for a mom to prepare for the separation.{}{}"He's the first one to go out and become a man.{} We are all proud of him and we just gotta hope and believe that God is gonna bring him home safely."

Departure is imminent and the 1106th will spend up to a year in the Middle East.