Fresh Paint Gives Parlier New Look

Graffiti is an eyesore in every community. {} Some cities have the money to make it disappear. {} In Parlier, the police department and young people are joining hands to give the town a much needed makeover.

A few gallons of paint is giving Parlier a new look. {} That ugly graffiti is gone. {} Give these kids like Amy Hernandez all the credit.{}{}"It makes me feel good about it. {} Just the fact that were able to help our community. {} It looks nicer. {} It covers all this bad graffiti. {} It just looks nicer and gives us a sense of pride."

Parlier Chief of Police David Cerda put the makeover program together. {} He's hoping kids will give up a little sleep to make their town sparkle again.{}{}"It gives the kids a sense of pride. {} They're giving back to their own community. {} We're hoping this is gonna be contagious and we'll have lots of volunteers, lots of kids giving back to their community."

Saturday's makeover targets were fences and stop signs plastered with graffiti. {} Christine Bentley is happy to see her fence one solid color again.{} "That's good. {} They're raising these kids right these days.{}Ha ha."

Chief Cerda says the clean-up project involving junior high and high school students will continue on a monthly basis.