FPD "Lock It, Remove It Or Lose It", Courtesy Vehicle Theft Inspections

Image courtesy: FPD Facebook page

The Fresno Police Department conducted courtesy vehicle theft inspections to educate the public and prevent future vehicle thefts and burglaries.

On Friday morning, the Northwest Investigation Unit walked through the parking lot of a shopping center in the area of Herndon and Milburn avenues, inspecting vehicles for visible valuables and doors left unlocked.

39 vehicles were in the parking lot at that time and only 12 passed the inspection. The vehicles that failed had purses or tax paperwork on the seats, visible cell phones or other valuables, and unlocked doors.

One vehicle that passed had a "Club" steering wheel anti theft device and received bonus points.

The officers left courtesy reminders on the vehicles to let the owners know if they passed or not, and included educational tips on theft prevention.