Four Young Adults Killed When Their Car and A Train Collide

Four people are dead and one injured after the car they were riding in collided with a train. The accident happened just north of Fowler early Monday morning. The CHP says it doesn't know why the car went onto the tracks with the train so close.

The families of the victims say they're heartbroken, especially because two of the victims are cousins. KMPH spoke with their uncle as he put up this cross at the intersection where the accident happened.

"She's the best soul put on earth that's now gone," says two of the victims' uncle.

He says his niece Angelina Velasquez died when the car she was riding in collided with a train. Her uncle and grandfather cried as they looked at nail polish, art projects and pieces of the car left behind.

"We're looking for hidden memories," adds the uncle, "That's about it."

Her uncle put up this cross with a picture of Velasquez and her cousin Rueben Vega who was also killed.

"This won't end I guess for me or for anybody in our entire family," says the uncle.

The California Highway Patrol accident report says the driver of the Chevy Lumina was crossing the train tracks at the exact same time a Union Pacific freight train was coming up to the intersection. The report says the train engineer sounded the horn, but the driver kept going. The CHP says the engineer put his breaks on, but it was too late. Four people were dead and one injured.

All of the people in the car were leaving a get-together at a nearby house, but investigators don't think drugs and alcohol were to blame. The uncle says his niece had a bright future, she was starting college and now all his dreams for her are gone.

"Just be careful," says the uncle, "The good ones I guess always go first. It should of been me first, not them."

The railroad crossing where the accident happened is a one. CHP investigators say everything works like it's supposed too. Even though there are no crossing arms or flashing lights, there is a stop sign and painted stop lines.

The survivor of the crash, Alexandra Sanchez, is in serious condition at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.