Four People Shot In Southwest Fresno


Police say the suspect vehicle is a gray sedan with rims that is lifted in the rear.



Four people, including a teenager, were rushed to the hospital after being shot in what police call a planned attack. The shooting happened at the corner of Modoc and Oleander in Southwest Fresno.

Fresno Police say that 3 of the people shot are gang members. Officers say the 15-year that was shot is not a gang member, but he was hanging out with the group.

Fresno Police say the neighborhood where the shooting happened is an area they've been to before. Officers say the group was in the front yard of a home in the neighborhood.

"They were easy targets really," says Lt. Joe Gomez from the Fresno Police Department.

Officers say the man who fired the shots parked a white Pontiac across the street, snuck up to group in the dark and fired at them. Witnesses say they heard around 20 to 25 shots. The 15-year was shot in the neck, a woman in the back in the head and 2 men were shot in the legs.

"They say the man's gun shot wound was squirting blood, so they're really concerned with that," adds Gomez.

Fresno Police say they know who the shooter is. Investigators tell KMPH Fox 26 that the department's anti-gang unit is out looking for him.

All four of the people shot were taken to the hospital. Police say all of them will be okay.