Former WWII POW's Celebrate The 90's

Three former POW's from World War Two spent the noon hour on{}Wednesday blowing out birthday candles.{} The Valley trio range in age from 91 to 99.

Jack Schwartz is the senior member.{} He turns 99 this month.{} Schwartz was taken prisoner of war on the{}third day of World War Two.{}

Later this month Schwartz will join 70 other WWII veterans as they travel to Washington D.C. on the Central Valley Honor Flight. "Happy to be on it.{} I've been back to Washington but this is sort of special.{} Having a whole group of WWII vets at the same time."{}{}

The other two birthday boys are 97 year old Jerry Eckenrod and the kid of the group 91 year old Rudy Giannoni.{} Both are from Fresno.