Former Presidential Plane Awarded To Castle Air Museum


A part of American history and royalty has touched down in the Valley; a former Presidential Air Force One plane.

Families went on board for a first hand look at the impressive, Presidential Douglas, VC-9 aircraft.

"This is the airplane that whenever the President is on board, it is the Air Force One," said a tour guide from the Castle Air Museum.

The plane is equipped with 30 leather-bound seats.

"The history behind it alone the number of heads of state that it carried ... It is just fantastic to be a part of that, and to have this on our grounds," said Larry Cristofani.

The seats once served Presidents Bush, Clinton and Reagan including their respective first ladies.

"It's an impressive feeling for me to have to be standing in the same area that they did, and I actually did sit in the Presidents chair when it got here, and that was a rush for myself as well," said Cristofani.

Visitors got to see and feel the comforts that once catered to so many greats.

Another great feature, an official Presidential phone, that once connected directly to the Pentagon and White House.

Veteran Bill Steel, he says for him, it was a historical fantasy come to life.

"Visualizing our President there, making big time decisions for the safety of America," said Steel.

The aircraft was awarded to the Valley by the US Government Service Administration.

On October 16th, the noble bird made its final flight to the Castle Air Museum, as its final destination and home.

The plane will be available for tours every weekend.

Admission is $10 for adults and free for children under five.