Former Marine's Last Request: Don't Bury Me!

A Fresno woman wants to grant a former Marine's last request to be cremated not buried.{}{}

William "Bill" Maynard died of a heart attack last month at his central Fresno apartment.

Since his death, Linda Randolph has been trying to find a way to have him cremated. That's because Maynard told her he had a fear of being buried.{}

"He worried about worms going through his body.{} You know how people are about those sorts of things," Randolph said.

Randolph only knew Maynard for a year.{}{} He and her husband became friends when they were both homeless.{}{}

Randolph doesn't have $900 dollars to pay for his cremation, but she's hoping a caring community will help her foot the bill.{}

"I feel it's my obligation to get him help to be buried the way that he wants to be buried because he was a Marine.{} He served our country.{} he did things to keep us safe," Randolph said.

If you would like to help, contact{}Linda Randolph at 559-246-8026.