Former Fresnan Saves Toddler's Life In-Flight

A first aid trainer raised in Fresno saved a toddlers life{}Tuesday night while in-flight from Tampa to Phoenix.{} It happened while{}US Airways Flight 648 was flying over Texas.

A 15-month old boy stopped breathing so an announcement was made in the cabin seeking help from anyone with CPR training.{} Garrett Goodwin grew up in Fresno and now teaches first aid in Tampa.{} "I did chest compressions, cleared his mouth, gave him some rescue breathing, stimulated him. {} He came back around. {} Did you ever think you'd lose him?{} absolutely you're scared but your training kicks in. {} I was in the right place, at the right time with the right experienced training. {} And{}I hope anybody with any amount of training would have done that."

Once little Gary was breathing on his own Flight 648 made an emergency landing in Houston. That's so he could be checked out.{} The flight made it to Phoenix an hour late. {} Passengers couldn't believe what they saw in the air.{}{}One man said: "He ran up, had the baby held in his hand upside down, he was purple."{}{}A woman passenger commented:{}"And when we heard the baby cry, it was just... it was a teary moment for everyone."

In Phoenix Garrett Goodwin and little Gary had one final hug.{}{}"He didn't want to let go. {} Sorry buddy. {} Awwwwww." Goodwin said he's no hero, he just did what anyone would do to help save someone's life.{}{}{}