Former Fresnan Makes "So You Think You Can Dance" Top 20

Former Fresnan Marcquet Hill has been working on his dance moves since he was three years{}old.{} {}15 years later he's strutting his stuff on the Fox Network Show "So You Think You Can Dance." He is one of twenty finalists.

His Aunt Renita Morris of Fresno remembers Marcquet as a{}funny goofy kid.{} His early days in school included time at both Starr Elementary and Manchester Gate.{} He moved to Utah in the sixth grade.{} There he teamed up with dance partner Brooklyn Fullmer.{} He and Fullmer both made the show.{} "Oh he's just excited.{} He loves it.{} It looks like he's having fun.{} It doesn't look like he's trying super hard.{} It looks like he's a natural."

Renta Morris says{}she and her family sit around the television and cheer for Marcquet.{}{}Years ago{}he was singing and moving to the Back Street Boys.{} Now he's in the spotlight on Fox.{} "Excited, proud, happy to see my little nephew who I still think as a little 3 year old on tv, dance."

It will take millions of votes to get Marcquet{}to the winner's circle.{} Renita Morris is hoping the{}Valley will rally for her nephew.{} You can vote by text message, toll free number and on-line at FOX.COM/DANCE{}