Former 'Cops' TV Show Crew Member Talks About Omaha Police Shooting

A crew member for the TV show "Cops" died after he was shot by police while filming Omaha, Nebraska officers responding to an armed robbery Tuesday night.Police say 38-year-old Bryce Dion, a sound man working for the show{}was shot once during a shootout between three officers and one suspect in a Wendy's restaurant.News of the shooting hits close to home here in the valley.Several former television news photographers went on to work for the show at one time or another.Many were recruited by one of the original founding crew members of the show who lives in Fresno.For 22 years, Hank Barr worked on the reality t-v show "Cops."He was part of the crew when the series premiered in March 1989, working as a sound man.When Barr left he was an associate producer of the show.Barr says he is saddened by the news about the death of one of his former colleagues.Barr says, "The thing we need to remember, law enforcement needs to be supported. They really do! Too many people don't understand what a cop is going through, that's why the power of the show 'Cops' was so good. It showed people the closed thing to the truth out there."Barr says one the strengths of the reality show is that it is real and you never know what's coming around the corner.Barr says, "Having a bullet go by your ear it makes you think. But at the same time you are seeing these people putt their lives on the line every single day."Barr says Dion knew the dangers of the job, was a hard worker and will be missed.However Barr says in 1998, another accidental friendly fire shooting took place while filming the show. Barr says that time the photographer was not killed.Barr says, "We show the truth. This is what it was. Every day I was learning something new. Every day and it was an eye-opener. I always tell people go do a ride along, go take a ride along."Barr says while filming the show, he saw first-hand the dangers these officers faced and that's why he now volunteers his time as chaplain with Clovis Police Department.