Former Candidate for California Governor Arrested for Shooting Neighbor, Horse

The man who wanted to be California's next governor is now behind bars. Again. Glenn Champ is in the Fresno County jail, accused of shooting a man in the stomach{}and killing a horse Thursday afternoon near Prather. The shooting took place in front of the Foothill Horse Rescue Ranch. Richard Norman saw it all. "The guy says 'I'm F-ing done with this and everything else', pulled out a gun, put it up to John and shot him," says Norman. Norman says he was standing behind the man when he was shot and was nearly hit by the bullet. The man who the Fresno County Sheriff's Department claims did the shooting is 48-year-old Glenn Champ. Champ has served time for voluntary manslaughter and attempted rape. Despite a lengthy rap sheet, Champ strapped on the gloves and ran for governor this year. He finished fifth in the primary with 76,000 votes. A horse at the Foothill Horse Rescue ranch was killed from the gunfire. Norman says Champ was upset that the shooting victim's son was riding his quad motorcycle on the paved road that leads to Champ's house. Roughly 19 hours later, Champ was arrested in the Tulare County community of Goshen on a routine traffic stop. He's now behind bars in Fresno County facing charges of attempted murder, child endangerment and cruelty to an animal.

Neighbors say the person shot is in stable condition following surgery at a Fresno hospital. {}