Fresno State Instructor Arrested For Death Threats To Neighbor & Police

Clovis police arrested Christopher Andrade Friday night.

Officers say the Fresno State instructor threatened to kill his neighbor and officers who tried to calm him down.

Police were called to his home twice.

Witnesses say Andrade yelled at the officer and walked towards him with a black metal flashlight and a can of pepper spray.

When police told him to stop and he refused, officers took him to the ground and cuffed him.

Andrade said he was hurt and was treated at the hospital.

Officers served a search warrant at his home, after they say he threatened to kill them.

They found a loaded handgun and a shotgun at his home and seized both.

Andrade remains on bail for $76,000 at the Fresno County Jail.

Andrade taught at Fresno State for 14 years and was teaching speech.

A statement from Fresno State reads: "Mr. Andrade will not be teaching at Fresno State this spring pending resolution of legal proceedings. His four classes will be handled by other instructors."