Forget Black Friday, Support "Small Business Saturday"

Wayne Rogers has owned "We Olive" in Fig Garden Village with his wife for the past six years.

"I won't say it's been easy for us. It's been a struggle. But we are local, we carry local products and a lot of people want to support that," Rogers said.

Every day hasn't been all joy for "Tassels" either.

"It's been a challenge and the Internet brings about another challenge of course," Kathy Boone, partner with Tassels, said.

And the folks at "Not Just Paper" have been looking for new ways to greet customers since they opened 15 years ago.

"The last few years, '08, '09, '10 and '11 were not easy years for us by any means," Karen Genovese, co-owner, said.

But all three of the Fig Garden businesses have a lot to offer.

"We have a great deal of paper. We also have a great deal, right now, of things like ornaments and gifts for the holidays, picture frames, jewelry," Genovese said.

"All of the olive oils are from California and we concentrate on that. But we have a large selection of gourmet foods. We've got dipping oils, pestos, all kinds of tapenades," Rogers said.

"We have fine gifts and home accents throughout the year. And of course the 4th quarter, we try to make it a holiday extravaganza from fall to Christmas," Boone said.

All of the pieces in the locally-owned stores are hand-picked.

It's the kind of special attention to detail you'll only find there.

"Our store is not huge, so we're very selective about the product that comes into our store," Boone said.

"Our policy is that if a product shows up at a mass merchandiser, then it's gone from our shelves It's always a hunt, a treasure hunt, for us to stay in front of the mass merchandisers," Genovese said.

"We don't carry anything in here that we haven't tasted and tried ourselves. My wife is a great cook; she's got a lot of recipes. And as you buy something, she'll give you a recipe to go with it and how to use it," Rogers said.

This Saturday is "Small Business Saturday", when people all over the country are encouraged to shop local.

"What you want is for as much of the money that you spend, your hard earned money to actually be staying in your community," Genovese said.

"We need the money right here in the Valley. We don't want it going back East or something. It needs to stay here to help the people who live here," Rogers said.

And KMPH News is doing its part this week to encourage "Small Business Saturday", with more profiles from local businesses that could really use your help this holiday season.