'For The Record' Jams With Great Day

'For The Record' joined us on Great Day Friday morning to help us get ready for the weekend.

Here is the group's biography, which is posted on their Facebook page:

What is now known as For The Record started back in '05, at the end of Asa and Sean's eighth grade year. There was no name, no music, not even any practices, but there was an idea.

Then, in spring of '07, there were several practices, a bit of something approaching music, and a god-awful name that shall remain unmentioned.

Fast-forward two and a half more years, and we see what soon became For The Record. A genre change to Reggae/Ska took place, then focusing more on Ska-Punk as the winter set in. After burning through several drummers and a guitarist or two, the lineup took final shape with Ryan Clifford on drums with the addition of a horn section to be determined given previous experiences, trials, and tribulations with personnel.

So after a short hiatus/break-up/reunion we're back with a vengeance and a horn section. With Niko East on trombone, Jacob Porter on trumpet, and Samuel Rye on sax, we're in the midst of booking shows after the recording and subsequent release of our EP "Two Weeks Notice". So if you're reading this and want to book us, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email us at

You can learn more about the band by visiting