49ers Fan Cars Vandalized By Raiders Fan

A Merced family is dealing with thousands of dollars in damage after its cars were vandalized by Raiders fans. The family members are huge "49ers" fans and they think they were targeted because of it.

"When I saw it I thought "Oh My God" again!" says Elaine Morlock.

The Morlock family takes football seriously. They love the "49ers" but they say the rivalry with the Raiders is costing them big bucks.

"It's just upsetting, it's just a game," says Elaine Morlock, "I mean come on people grow up. Why destroy somebody's property over a team that isn't yours, it's just ridiculous."

Five of the family's cars were spray painted. There's profanity and "Raiders" written all over them.

"I was real pissed," says Mr. Morlock, "I wanted to kill somebody."

To make things worse a van that was vandalized belongs to Morlock's sister, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair.

"It's really sad because the person this belongs to can't even talk. She has no way of communicating with people," adds Elaine Morlock.

The first time the Morlock's cars were vandalized the family says the damage wasn't as bad.

However, this time it's going to cost them around $2000 to $4000 to have all the cars repainted.

"I mean it's going to be embarrassing to have to drive down the street," says Elaine Morlock.

The Morlock's say they're going to keep displaying their "49er" pride. They've also written a note for the person who spray painted their cars.

"This guy's going to get it, it's going to come back to him," say Mr. Morlock, "Karma is going to come and get him."

Merced Police say they are trying to find out who vandalized the cars. Investigators say they haven't seen anything like this anywhere else in Merced, so they think the family was targeted.

If you have any information about who may have vandalized the cars you are asked to call the Merced Police Department at 209-385-6912.