Flag-Stealing Thief Hits Fresno Fire Station

It seems{}even an American flag{}isn't off limits anymore.{}{}Last Saturday{}on the start of Memorial Day weekend a crook stole the flag at Fresno Fire Station Seven.{}

Last Saturday morning when Fire Captain Tim Fulmer and his crew returned from a call they found an empty flag pole.{} A thief got up early to steal their American flag.{}{}"It's just sad to see how brazen people are to come steal an American flag and on Memorial weekend. {} It's just a slap in the face to our military personnel."

Thursday morning after seeing an empty flag pole for days a neighbor brought over his own personal flag that sits on his tool box.{} Richard Estrada attached it to a small pole and stuck it in the front yard.{} "They work hard and every time they leave they're on the ball and to come back and have something that they represent everyday it's kind of hard."

Firefighters tried to replace the flag over the weekend but due to the holiday there were no flags available.{} Late Thursday afternoon the replacement flag arrived.{} It took a fire dept. ladder truck to replace the rope. By Four o'clock old glory was waving again.

Capt. Fulmer says they're going to fly the flag{}the same way{}they did before and hope that it stays up.