Fish Designation Angers Water Districts

Valley Farmers could find their water deliveries affected by yet another small fish.

California fish and wildlife managers have labeled the Longfin Smelt a threatened species under the California Endangered Species Act.

The decision came after a unanimous vote Wednesday night by the Fish and Game Commission.

Managers say the Longfin Smelt plays a key ecological role in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

In recent years, court decisions aimed at protecting another fish the "Delta Smelt," have restricted water deliveries from the delta. On Wednesday, commissioners also voted to classify{} the "tiny delta smelt," which is the cousin of the longfish,{}as an endangered species.

The news has prompted two water districts into action. The Westlands Water District and the San Luis and{} Delta-Mendota Water Authority are{}now{}joining forces to{}try{}and stop the federal government from enforcing the rules governing the endangered Delta Smelt.

The{}water districts claim that the new rules will harm Californians who depend on the Central Valley Project water.

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