First Snowfall In Sierra In Nearly 8 Weeks

The first snowfall of 2014 wasn't much in Shaver Lake but it was much better at China Peak.{}{}Skiers and snow boarders{}decided not to wait until the weekend to slalom down the slopes.

Alexander Horvath has a season pass to China Peak.{}{}"This is way better. {} This is like the first week{}I came up here. {} It snowed pretty good and then no snow for another month or so."

The ski resort saw 6 to 7 inches of fresh powder{}fall on Thursday.{}{}{}Its not only{}good news for skiers and snow boarders{}but also{}people looking for work.{}

China Peak owner Tim Cohee will soon be hiring.{} "The big challenge for us will be getting enough staff now once we get everything open. {} A lot of folks have probably gone on and found things to do. {} So now when we get things open we'll be gearing up with probably over 100 new staff."

The last measurable snow at China Peak was December 7th.{} Cohee expects to open more runs and lifts because of the storm.{}

21 miles down the hill in Shaver Lake there was very little snow.{} The landscape got a light dusting but it won't be around long if it stays warm.{}

Even during the winter you'll find fishermen at Shaver Lake, but the big recreation draw is farther up the hill.{} After nearly eight long dry weeks, winter has finally returned to paradise.{} Mountain business owners are hopeful that skiers and people who like to toss snowballs will spend their weekends in the high country.