Fireworks Spook Pets: Busiest Day For SPCA

Fireworks are a favorite for kids on the{}July 4th{}but they're{}frightening for dogs and cats.{}{} On the{}July 5th{}many dogs and cats wind up{}at the Central California SPCA in southwest Fresno.{}{}

Art Antonez of Fresno{}lost his{}German Shepherd{}about ten o'clock Thursday night.{} He got to the SPCA just after one o'clock on Friday. {}"Actually{}I just got off work. {} I left work early to start this.{} He's a good dog. {} He just got scared."

There are plenty of scared and sad dogs brought in to the{}SPCA in the past 24 hours. {} They're either dropped off by caring pet people in the community or animal control officers picked them up on Fresno streets.

There are plenty of success stories involving lost dogs and cats if pet owners are responsible.{}{} Beth Caffrey encourages owners of lost pets to come down to the shelter to positively identify them.

Art Antonez has mixed feelings about seeing his dog again.{}{}"I'm not really optimistic. {} He just went missing last night so{}I might even go home in about fifteen minutes and find him waiting for me.

When it comes to missing pets, persistence pays off.{} The{}SPCA says many times dogs and cats stay in hiding and don't wind up at the shelter for days.{}{}{}{}