Firefighters Warn Business Owners After Debris Fire

Fresno County Firefighters are warning business owners to keep an eye out for strangers hanging out by dumpsters, after{}a fire sent a huge cloud of smoke that could be seen through most of Fresno Sunday afternoon.Firefighters believe someone set a fire to oleander bushes near Lorena and Third streets around 5:00 p.m., and those flames spread to a pile of debris, that was left behind by the owners of an abandoned building.

"Pay attention to your neighborhoods, your properties," says{}Fresno County{}Cal Fire Battalion Chief Mike{}Bowman.{}"Make sure they're clear of weeds, grass. If you see transients or other people nearby, call law enforcement."

It took firefighters about two hours to put out the fire.This was the second fire at that area in a span of hours.Around 11:00 a.m.{}a fire broke out{}in a pit filled with garbage.Crews don't know how that fire started.