Fire Season 2014: Oakhurst Families Help Neighbors Raise Money

When tragic events take place like the wildfire in Oakhurst, that's when we often see the best of people.Neighbors are coming to the aid of neighbors in the foothills right now.Nathan Nott lives in Oakhurst.He says, "It's just a war zone. Every house in its path except for mine and my neighbors is gone. By the grace of God my home is still here."Flames came within a few yards of Nott's home.However, Nott says his neighbor, James Mierkey was not so lucky.Nott and other friends of the Mierkey family have turned to social media, like the website to collect donations.Nathan says, "He goes to my church, James does. He leads the worship singing and stuff. I've seen his parents a couple of times, really awesome people. I feel for them and am going to do whatever I can for them to help them out. That's why I like living up here in a small community everybody helps each other when you need it."Many are thankful to fire crews for saving the homes they did.Chris Addison says, "My heart goes out to them, these guys and the fire fighters who could have easily lost their lives defending our house."Thankfully, no one lost their life.