FIRE SEASON 2014: Oakhurst Businesses Evacuate, Some Defy Orders

Summer is the busiest time of year for the community of Oakhurst, considered a gateway to Yosemite.

But Monday afternoon, some parts of Oakhurst resembled a ghost town.

Businesses were ordered to close, and at least 13,000 people were ordered to leave as a result of the Junction Fire, burning nearby.

As of late Monday night, Firefighters would only say eight buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

Pictures show one business already{}wiped out by the wildfire,{}Suburban Propane.

That building was cleared shortly after the fire began.

But firefighters were on edge, and made it a priority to douse a 6,000 gallon propane tank on the property with water, to keep it from exploding.

A Game Warden with the Department of Fish and Wildlife spent the afternoon going door-to-door, making sure people were complying with the evacuation orders.

"There's never a good time. We're ruining vacations," Bill Putnam, the General Manager of Best Western Yosemite Gateway Inn.

His place has 133 rooms, spread throughout seven acres.

The rooms had been sold out.

"This can be devastating for this community. Hopefully it gets under control before it does some damage."

Putnam planned to keep a skeleton crew on hand, just for security.

That's why Russ Jorzig also decided to defy the evacuation order.

"I'm staying so I don't get looted here. I know that kind of stuff happens. I have a gold and silver business in town," he says.

"We have a shake roof up here. All we need is one ember, then it's gone," he adds.

He gave the warden his contact information, so that he would be accounted for, and so that others would know he's still inside.

He had his girlfriend drive away some of the items in the store, to store at another location.

"When it catches fire, I'll go. This is it. If I lose this, it's over. I don't have much choice," says Jorzig.