FIRE SEASON 2014: Homes and Businesses Destroyed By Oakhurst Fire

The fire in Oakhurst has burned 612 acres and is 35% contained. Some evacuation orders have been lifted and people are getting their first look at the damage.

Tamera Brown-Conrad wasn't at home when the fire started. She heard from her mother-in-law that the fire was close to their home and it was moving fast. When Brown-Conrad was allowed back in her home, she saw that her garage was destroyed.

"It's pretty heart wrenching because their entire life was in the garage," says Tamera Brown-Conrad whose home was damaged by the fire.

The garage was not the only thing Brown-Conrad lost. Her pet rooster was injured and had to be put down. "We had raised him from an egg, so we incubated him in an egg and raised him," adds Brown-Conrad, "So it's very difficult."

Firefighters saved the family's house but a small section of the roof was damaged.

Brown-Conrad says the only reason her home is still standing foes because firefighters watched it all night.

"I was just really happy that they stayed with the house and protected my property," says Brown-Conrad, "I told them, 'Hey if guys need anything in the house just let me know."

A store along Highway 41 also burned to the ground. People who live near it say it was an antique store and gathering place for events. They also say the building was almost 100 years-old.

Further down Highway 41 small businesses were closed for a second day. However, one restaurant that was forced to evacuate did open it's doors once the roads reopened.

Todd Leaf says that his bottom line was hurt by being forced to evacuate.

However, he says watching the fire inch closer to his business was horrible.

"We all had our fingers crossed that it was going to be okay," says Todd Leaf whose business reopened Tuesday.

As for the other businesses that were shut down, they will all open Wednesday morning.