Fire Season 2014: Fresno Firefighter Fights San Diego Fires

After days of raging out of control, wildfires in San Diego County are contained. The fires destroyed forty four houses, an apartment complex, and three businesses. Two teams of firefighters from the Central Valley were sent to San Diego to help fight the wildfires. Fresno firefighter Joey Coppo was on one of the teams. He says he got the call about a week ago that he was needed in San Diego. "It was filled with smoke," says Fresno Firefighter Joey Coppo, "You could definitely see and smell the fire." Coppo tweeted updates and pictures from San Diego, so people in the Valley could see what was going on. "It was a lot of destruction," adds Coppo, "You feel for the residents there, because you know they've lost everything." Coppo and the other members of the strike team worked for 36 hours on their first day before getting a break. He says they received tons of support from people who live the area. "We're very appreciative of it. It's not something you see every day where they're allowed to come into our base camp and show appreciation like that. It was different to see but they were very grateful," says the Fresno Firefighter. When the fire grew at 'Camp Pendleton' Coppo was sent there. He worked with Marines to help control the flames. However, one of the moments that stood out was the 'Thank You' notes from kids. "We handed out a lot of stickers to the kids and showed them the fire trucks. A lot of them had lost everything, so they were there getting assistance," says Coppo. The teams that were sent down to San Diego also included firefighters from Fresno County, Visalia, and Tulare.