Fire Helmet Cam: See Amazing Flames Up Close!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fight a fire.

Well now, thanks to a Fresno Fire Department Helmet cam you can!

The helmet camera provides emergency crews more than just a look at amazing flames.

It is also used as a tool.

Koby Johns, Fresno Fire Department spokesperson says, "It's a way you can critique your performance, the Captain can go 'why is my fire fighter doing this?' He can see exactly what his fire fighters are doing so it's an opportunity to improve."

Johns says similar to how a football team watches game film.

Fire fighters say as for the public, no one goes to bed at night thinking their home will catch fire, so the video allows people to see the violent dangers of fire up-close.

Johns says the videos are uploaded to YouTube as well.

Smaller departments that do not see as many fires are using the videos as teaching aids.