Fire Destroys Downtown Fresno Building

The old "Del Monte" packing house in downtown Fresno is now a pile of rubble after a massive fire.

It started around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning on G and Tulare streets.

"It's pretty unbelievable. I mean you look at that, and it's quite a bit of devastation. I mean that fire got very big, very fast," said Koby Johns with the Fresno Fire department.

Cell phone video captured clouds of black smoke and huge flames shooting up past the roof of the vacant warehouse.

It took nearly 60 firefighters and 13 trucks and engines to put out the fire.

"It's a lot of old wood, open areas in there, plenty of fuel and air to feed a fire like that," said Johns.

Johns says this isn't the first time the building has caught fire.

"We have had a number of fires at this particular address. It's boarded up, it's vacant. There have been a number of transients living inside. The last fire that was started here was started by transients. It's likely it was started intentionally," said Johns.

Several house later, the building eventually collapsed.

The adjacent building was also badly damaged.

One of the walls, crews say landed on a power line.

As a precaution, Pacific Gas and Electric shut off the power in the area through Tulare and H streets, including Chukchansi Park.

The damage is estimated to be in the millions.

According to officials, the building was set to be torn down for the new high-speed rail.

Firefighters believe the building was empty during the fire.

No one was reported hurt.

Power in the area has since been turned back on.