Fire Destroys 2 Families' Homes; Business Burned Too

Two valley families are left with only the clothes on their backs after a fire destroyed their homes.

Neither had insurance and now, none of them know what they are going to do.

"The fire destroyed my entire house, everything is gone, even my two dogs died in the flames.

It happened Tuesday afternoon in Parlier.

Irma Sanchez and her family lost everything in the fire.

All she could do was watch as fire fighters tried to battle the flames.

Sanchez and her husband are thankful their 4 kids were in school and didn't have to see the flames, but now their next mission is to find a new place to live.

Before fire fighters were able to gain the upper hand, the fire destroyed two homes and left a local hair salon with major water damage.

Worker at the Salon, Teresa Negrete says, "I feel so sorry for them they lost everything. But I feel sorry for me too because I'm sick and I have to take time to remodel and everything."

Witnesses say the fire started somewhere behind this abandoned warehouse where a lot of trees were pile up. It's a popular place they say where homeless hangout. One witness even saw a homeless man run from the area.

Two Reedley police officers, who arrived even before fire fighters, needed medical attention, after breaking windows to go inside and search for victims.

Thankfully, their efforts paid off and besides the two dogs, no one was killed.