Fighting Crime in Your Neighborhood? There's an App For That!

You typically use your phone to report a crime by calling 911.

But now, families in one North Fresno neighborhood are using their phones to fight crime.

That's because, there's an app for it.

"We feel like we're given the ability to know what's going on in our neighborhood," says Pat Howe, who uses the "Next Door" app on her cell phone and computer.

The neighborhood adopted the App to address recent break-ins.

Neighbors had already hired a security firm, but went one step further with the high-tech approach.

Unlike other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, this one isn't bogged down with personal matters.

It's tailored, specific to what's happening several doors down.

"If somebody sees something that's not right, they can immediately put it on there. This is the license number on this car, watch it," Howe says.

The online community grows by invite only.

So the site, remains private.

But, police can also access it, to provide updates or bulletins.

"I grew up knowing all the neighbors on my block. Most people would say, hey, what's wrong with us all these days? Are we so busy? I guess we are," says Howe.

Next Door actually started as a place for neighbors to recommend gardeners and babysitters, advertise garage sales, and ask for help finding a lost pet.

Anyone in any neighborhood can start a "Next Door" group.

It's free, and all it takes is one person, who volunteers to be the leader and invite others.

You can check out Next Door by clicking here.