Fighting Crime: Businesses Ban Together To Stop Robberies

A rash of break-in's in northeast Fresno have forced local business owners to work together to fight crime.

Popular restaurants like Five, The Sequoia Brewing Company and Campagnia Restaurant, have teamed up with police and have started sharing information to catch crooks.

They have also taken extra steps to protect customers' valuables.

"Within this parking lot we do have a security guard that patrol the area and we also have our employees go out and check every 30 minutes or so," said Tiphanie Molle, who works for Campagnia Restaurant.

Pat LaRocca, who works for the Restaurant, Five, said that they have begun asking customers to not leave items inside of their cars.{}

"This is not the atmosphere and experience that we need. We have signs on the doors, we are having our staff talk about it, don't leave anything in your car."

And customers say that they couldn't be happier with the extra security.

"We moved away from a certain part of town and a certain element is not in the area and now we are finding out to be more cautious," said Sandy Thompson.

But some customers still are not listening to the warnings.

KMPH cameras caught wrapped presents, expensive sunglasses and other items right on the front seat of cars.

Police say crooks look for opportunities such as this. Police say that they do want people to listen to the warning.